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How to find out problems through mammography

Health - Maryna Nesterova - September 29, 2021

Again we are talking about the effects of screening, that is, a test offered to all women of a certain age group: this does not mean that a doctor can prescribe the test to a specific woman, perhaps because she is familiar with cancer breast in the family or has a breast with characteristics that predispose to cancer (such as hyperdense glandular tissue ).

Early diagnosis means identifying a disease first

An examination such as mammography does not prevent the disease , that is, it does not protect against cancer, but allows it to be diagnosed in advance , in the belief that in doing so the treatments are less invasive and mortality is lower. Here a linguistic clarification is needed: according to some surveys among the population, the use of the word prevention to indicate what in medicine is called secondary prevention, but which in common parlance would be early diagnosis , is one of the sources of greatest confusion for women. who have to decide if and how to joinscreening campaigns: many think that by undergoing this test they will avoid getting sick, while the test only serves to diagnose any disease early 3d mammogram in Sparta.

Pay attention to the terms

If an exam is offered to all people in a certain age group and with particular characteristics, it is said to be a screening exam , that is, not based on the characteristics of the individual or on his or her family history, but on elements shared by the whole. group (for example, people of the same gender and of a certain age group). One of the important elements for a test to become a screening is that it affects mortality from the disease it diagnoses: it is not enough to make more diagnoses, these early diagnoses must allow to save lives by changing the natural course of the disease.

The mammography can be used for screening and is therefore recommended and offer free in Italy to all women in the age group between 50 and 69 years. Some Regions, on the recommendation of the Ministry of Health, are extending it to women between 45 and 49 years with an annual interval and between 70 and 74 years with a two-year interval)

This does not mean, however, that there are no women who need to do a mammogram even at a younger age , for example if they are familiarfor breast cancer or because they have a breast with some particular characteristics which, on the basis of the studies conducted so far, can favor the appearance of a tumor. In their case, however, we do not speak of screening, because they do not fall into the general category, but of diagnostic tests prescribed on the basis of individual characteristics.

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What are some incredible advantages of laminate flooring?

general - Maryna Nesterova - September 28, 2021

You may ask if it is wooden flooring. Hell No! It is laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is a convincing and impressive alternative to wooden flooring and it has become incredibly popular as it has numerous benefits. laminate wood flooring in bloomingdale il has also successfully become a favorite with busy households. So what exactly are the benefits of this kind of flooring that makes it a favorite for so many people. Let us have a look.

A few key advantages of laminate flooring include

The advancements that have been made in laminate flooring manufacturing have helped them in creating genius finishes. They can be produced in bulk quantities. They are incredible for the decor and also for the bank balance. Bulk manufacturing of this kind of flooring is cheap to produce which in turn makes it cheap for us to get.

1) Durability

This kind of flooring is strong, highly durable, and scratch-resistant to the flooring surface. It is protected with a robust external resin layer and coating. It is also tremendous for houses and areas that have high traffic and for those who have children and pets. for little commercial use and general residential use, you must make sure that you go for a laminate that has a good AC rating of at least 3 or more.

2) Simple to install

This kind of flooring is much simpler to install when compared to other types of flooring. This is because the laminate boards are built to interlock. It also makes them easier to install. Moreover, laminate may be topped over other existing floors, this saves installation time unlike other kinds of flooring that may require to be nailed down, stapled, or glued. It is also very easy for people to do it by themselves, making it a great DIY project.

3) Price

This kind of flooring is much cheaper than the conventional hardwood however in no way does it fall short when we talk about the quality and the look. It is a tremendous flooring choice and it is available in all price ranges.

4) Subfloors

Laminate flooring is versatile as it may be installed on all kinds of South Florida also such as pre-existing flaws and concrete floors in a lot of cases where installing hardwood floors is not an option with a soft flour this becomes an easily available quick option.


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Does Thickness Matter With Business Cards?

business - Maryna Nesterova - September 3, 2021

Business cards come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and it is essential for you to ascertain which type of business card you would want to have printed for your own enterprise.While this decision might seem frivolous to you, it can have a surprisingly strong impact on your business as time goes by. Once all has been said and is now out of the way, the thing about your business cards that might matter more than anything else would be the kind of thickness that you might have managed to incorporate into it.

The reason behind this is that a really thick business card is something that can be extremely durable. A durable business card like Black Metal Kards will last longer than might have been the case otherwise, and this basically means that it has the potential to reach a much larger group of people. A business card would only be useful for you to any extent at all if it manages to reach enough people over a period of time, and if durability will facilitate this then it will obviously be an essential factor for you to take into consideration.

A thick business card has the potential to withstand things like water damage, things that can leave said business card more or less illegible. This would be disastrous for you as it would mean that you would have business cards in circulation that would not be doing all that much for you at all, and you would therefore need to look into printing new ones thereby creating a very inefficient strategy from a cost perspective. It is always worth it to make higher quality business cards if you think about it.

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