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Ars longa, vita brevis


20 de July de 2010

El concierto fue bien, como os dije. Aquí tenéis uno de los temas que grabó la cadena de televisión local Cablemel (gracias, Enrique). El buque insignia de Hollywoodca: I Know I Know. Si quieres leer la letra, haz clic en «more».

Enlace al vídeo en YouTube

I Know I Know

I know that I’m prob’ly wrong,
you may not be the one for me.
And I know how much I’ve done
to run away from girls like you.

But you’ve got that look
and I have a crush that I can’t hide,
I can’t just pretend to be fine,
I wanna take you out of my mind
but you keep appearing every night.
And then I pray for you to get out of my way,
this thing’s gonna get me insane,
I wish I was brave to tell you what’s my name.

I know that we can’t pretend
to live our lives as if nothing’s going on.
And I know all I can do
is write a song and walk away.

But you’ve got the fire
and I’m burning in your shining flame,
I feel like a fish on the sand,
I’m totally out of my breath
but I need the heat from your legs to live.


1 comentario en “Directo”

  • # Carlitos dice:
    22 de July de 2010 a las 20:13

    ¡Qué bien vais sonando, cabrones!

    Y cuanto cartón se ve en ese grupo… XD

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